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Get in touch with us when you want to get a steel roof, siding, seamless eavestrough or windows and doors installed or serviced for your property.


Are you confused about choosing an appropriate and durable roofing system for your property? Worry no more, Walker Contracting is here to help you. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have been offering reliable steel roofing services in Lindsay. Steel roofing is considered as a durable and affordable option because it has the properties to withstand harsh weather conditions whilst adding look and value to your property. It is also faster and cleaner to install.

Discuss Your Project with Us

Count on the professionals at Walker Contracting when you are in need of a full line of steel roofing services. From installation and repairs to maintenance services, we have the right skill and equipment to handle it all. We will sit with you to discuss what exactly your needs are and provide solutions that fit your budgets and needs. Our services are available for residential, commercial and industrial customers in the area. We also offer custom solutions specific to your structure, which allows us to provide additional cost savings on special applications.

We also deal with EPDM rubber membranes. This type of roofing systems is a rubber membrane roofing system specially designed for flat top garages, schools and commercial buildings.


In order to take steel roofing to the next level, we provide a wide range of stone-coated steel roofing systems that carries a limited lifetime warranty, nail and free/thaw resistance and fire safe and non-combustible. This will help you enjoy a lifetime of beauty with the strength of steel. If you have any question, give us a call today.

Decra® Roofing Systems
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